Dog Training Programs

Puppy Training Programs

  • Private Puppy Lessons – $75
  • These educational sessions will cover all of the basics you need to get started on the right foot with your new pup.
  • Topics covered include: potty training, puppy biting, crate training, socialization, nutrition, and how to prevent and correct the most common behavior issues.
  • Since these are private lessons they can be customized to fit your specific needs.
  • Recommended 2-5 sessions. For puppies under 16 weeks old.

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Puppy Training Columbus OH.

Dog Training Programs

Just the Basics – 2 private lessons  -$375

  • Designed for cooperative dogs to address one or two simple behavior issues.
  • Two lessons spaced 1-3 weeks apart.
  • Includes training equipment.
  • For more comprehensive training we recommend a program with additional private sessions or one of our board and train programs.

How to be the Pack Leader – 4 private lessons  -$695

  • Designed for cooperative dogs to address simple behavior issues.
  • Weekly sessions
  • See quick and lasting results with daily practice
  • Training equipment included
  • Additional lessons offered at discounted rate of $95 for three months
  • For more comprehensive training or for stubborn or difficult dogs see our board and train programs.

Board and Train Programs

Your dog stays with us in our home for daily training while we keep you updated regularly on their progress with texts and pictures. Goals and results will vary depending on the challenges presented by each individual dog and owner. All of our residency programs include a series of private follow-up lessons designed to help you maintain your dog's progress at home.

Doggie Dude Ranch • 5 days • $975

Designed for cooperative and easygoing dogs or those needing a more economical option. Your dog learns the basics for better leash manners and rules in the home. A great head start or option to get your dog back on track. Includes training equipment and unlimited follow up lessons free for 3 months. 

Good Dog Residency • 10 days • $1,675

A little extra time can make a BIG difference. This program is designed for more excitable or anxious dogs or for clients seeking more complete training. In just ten days your dog’s behavior is transformed and your relationship with them is more enjoyable than ever. Includes training equipment and unlimited follow up lessons free for 3 months. 

Dream Dog Residency • 21 days • $2,975

In this program we have designed the best and most comprehensive training experience for your dog. Have a dog that will listen both ON and OFF leash. With an extended stay your dog will have an extremely solid foundation in what they have learned. The choice for busy families who want the dog of their dreams.  Includes training equipment and unlimited follow up lessons free for one year. 

Group Classes

Dog Training Class Plain City, OH

Walk with the Pack 

  • This hour long group handling class is available FREE to all clients after they have completed any of our adult dog training programs.
  • Held every other Saturday these classes offer a great opportunity to continue improving you and your dogs skills around other dogs, people, and distractions.
  • Weather permitting.
  • RSVP via Facebook event , text, or e-mail requested.