Pack Walks

Pack Walks
Pack Walks - Group

Dog's Best Friend Training is starting our free pack walks back up for owners and their dogs every other Saturday at 10AM! The walk will begin at Glacier Ridge Metro Park in the parking lot in front of the Wind and Solar Learning Center.

This is an excellent opportunity to expose your dog to other dogs in a controlled environment. Pack walks are extremely beneficial for dogs, as it provides a chance to socialize and exercise while traveling amongst a group of other dogs and humans. Depending on the group, there may be a handling excerise at the beginning or end of the walk. The walk lasts approximately 45-60 minutes. Please RSVP with a call, text, email, or on our Facebook Event page.


Because this is a learning event, it is for clients that have previously done training with us. If you haven't done training with us and would like to attend, contact us and we can set up some lessons.

We have a few guidelines:
1. All dogs must be on either a slip lead, a martingale collar, a head halter (preferably Halti brand), a chain collar, or a prong collar. No harnesses are allowed. No e-collars for this event, unless otherwise approved by one of our trainers. If you have any questions about what tools may or may not be used, feel free to contact us!
2. Leashes may not be long longer than 6 feet. Flexi-leads or any other retractable leash will not be permitted. 
3. We request that dogs be walked at a heel or close by your side. If you struggle with proper walking, we will be there to help you work toward this goal. If your dog behaves excitedly while on leash (pulling, choking, zig-zagging), contact us ahead of time and we can work on some of the foundational work one-on-one so you aren't struggling during the walk. 
4. While waiting before the walk begins, during the walk, or after the walk – it is strongly recommended that you don't let the dogs interact. Even the most even-tempered dog can feel frustrated and threatened when put face-to-face with another dog while on-leash. We want to build positive experiences for dogs and their owners, so if you have a dog that is reacting negatively to other dogs, give yourself some space and let us know and we will make a point of helping you through this while on a the walk. It is also important to note that some dogs are participating because they are specifically reactive while on-leash.
5. We also request that when out walking in the pack, you keep to the right of the sidewalk. There may be runners, families, bikers, rollerbladers, and other dogs - we try to provide ample room for other pedestrians to pass by. 

This walk will be instructional for those needing some guidance in honing their leadership skills while on the walk. If you are struggling with the walk, please let us know so we can help you with it! Contact us by email or call us at (740) 917-5071