Dog training Powell, OH

Now she is a more secure and happy dog!!!

Zeva, a nervous Old English Sheepdog, had a tough time around dogs, people, skateboards, thunderstorms, fireworks, and more! Fortunately, she learned skills that helped her cope with her anxiety. We even taught her how to run alongside a skateboard!

“Don’t know what we would have done without the help we received from Reid and Cathy at “Dog’s Best Friend Training and Pet Care”. Our dog was extremely shy and fearful. She was a terror when walking on a leash and tried to attack dogs, people, skateboards, and just about anything else that crossed her path. After her training with Reid, she is a more secure and happy dog. Both Reid and Cathy went above and beyond our expectations and worked miracles with our dog. They also educated us on the best way to interact with her. We had her trained at 6 months, by a different trainer and there is no comparison between that training session and this one. Reid and Cathy are well worth every penny we invested in training.”

– Marsha and Bob Rautenberg, Powell Ohio

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