Dog Training Success Story

Friends have all commented that Billy is a different dog since he started his training….

Billy is a Brittany rescue that had extreme anxiety around other people and dogs. He’d whine, pace, and bark just being in the presence of someone he didn’t know. If another dog was in eyesight he’d show strong reactivity. Luckily, the owners that rescued him are incredible people that devoted a lot of time and effort into turning Billy around. At one point they feared his behavior wouldn’t make significant enough improvements, but now everyone compliments them on the progress Billy has made.

“There are not enough positive words in the dictionary to convey how wonderful Reid and Cathy have been working with our dog, Billy, and with us! As others have mentioned, this experience has been just as much about training me and my husband as it was about Billy. We tried other trainers, but we didn’t feel they really understood us or Billy. He isn’t dangerous or a threat, as one trainer labeled him, but he’s a scared little guy who had a rough life and displays that fear through superficial aggression (I say superficial because he acts all tough but if someone makes a move toward him, he runs the other way). Working with Reid, we learned how to channel Billy’s energy and enthusiasm. Giving Billy a job to do, working on all of the tools we learned, we were able to keep his focus on something positive. Billy is still a work in progress, as I think he will be his entire life. But we are now able to take him for walks without incident. We can take him camping, let him be around other dogs and people, and see him enjoy the experience (there is nothing better to Billy than back massages from friends). Friends have all commented that Billy is a different dog since he started his training, and Reid and Cathy deserve much of the credit for that as they taught us how to best help Billy. Thank you!”

-Denise Terry, Columbus Ohio

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