Dog Training Ohio

Now we can walk them around the block and they are calm

Aggression between dogs in a household isn’t an uncommon issue we come across, and it can be a difficult thing to deal with – but there is hope. This was a time we helped a couple deal with their chihuahuas that were fighting with each other. It was escalating to the point that they were getting bit when trying to break up the fights:

“Reid and Cathy were very professional and friendly. They Made us and our two chihuahuas very comfortable. Our dogs have always had anxiety and not listened very well. I was shocked after just the first session how well we could walk them around the block and how calm they were. Reid and Cathy showed us what to do different and they were very patient in practicing the same maneuvers with us over and over. They really have a way of reading the dogs and the owners! It really helped me to see what I could be doing better with our dogs to make them happier and us as owners!”

-The Alasyas, Columbus Ohio

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