Puppy Training

Getting a puppy can be a joy, but sometimes people aren’t entirely prepared for the sharp teeth, potty training, and the destructive behaviors that go along with getting a pup. It can be a bit of a handful!

Puppy Training Columbus

The good news is, we can help you with those behaviors!

We focus on nurturing proper manners and getting your pup on a schedule that teaches them what to expect from you, how to deal with different situations in an emotionally appropriate manner, and ultimately how to raise them into an ideal adult dog.

Raising a puppy is a time-consuming task, but how you devote that time makes all the difference. Don’t fall into the trap of waiting for your puppy to “grow out of it,” lay a solid foundation now to make sure you avoid more serious behaviors down the line.

Puppy Training Columbus OH.
  • Each puppy is unique, so we will customize a training program that is simple to follow at home.
  • We will work on potty training and proper crate training.
  • Purposeful handling and grooming techniques are essential to introduce at this young age.
  • Address nipping/play-biting, destructiveness, non-stop energy, pushiness
  • Learn the underlying issue into why your pup is displaying unwanted behaviors.

The first 16 weeks of a dog’s life is a crucial period in teaching your dog good socialization skills, bite inhibition, how to get sufficient (and much needed!) rest, getting them started with potty training, and working them through any fears they may have. Puppy Training isn’t just beneficial – it’s necessary in order to get the most out of our dogs. When a proper lesson plan is in place, it is SIMPLE, FAST, and FUN!

Puppy lessons are intended for dogs younger than 16 weeks of age (at time of enrollment). Puppy lessons should be seen as the beginning stage of the overall training process; it is recommended to continue with a more thorough training program once your dog is at the appropriate age to be able to physically and mentally handle tougher skills (longer walks, stay, obedience commands under distraction, etc.).