Dog Training Class Plain City, OH

What makes your programs different?

We can’t speak for other trainers, but we know that we’ve gotten results for people that have tried several trainers before us. That doesn’t mean these trainers were bad at what they do, they just might not have been a good fit. We’ve studied under some of the top trainers in the world and continue to expand our education through books and attending seminars and conferences.

We believe it is important to have a wide range of methods and a big tool box to be able to figure out what exactly will be most effective for both you and your dog. We’ve also had clients admit to us that they just didn’t do the homework that other trainers recommend they do. We try to make the work that you put into dog training as simple as possible to fit into everyone’s lifestyles, but we also don’t try to sugarcoat that work is involved to see the changes that you want to achieve. Regardless of why things didn’t work out before for you and your dog, we do everything we can to be your trainer that get’s the results you want.


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